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{May 23, 2009}   what a challenge

I guess it’s always the same with new beginnings….First, you are highly motivated and right in the flow of changing your life completely……and then comes the point when all your individual wishes, desires and willingness have to face every day life conditions….I can tell ya, it’ s the simple things in your every day life that end your believe in a great radical change……

why’s that?

imagine: what would happen to a precious orchid, that needs special circumstances to flower( likeĀ  proper amount of light, water etc.), when you just take it outside into the free wild nature? Maybe, it’ll be burnt by direct sunlight.

Today, it has felt much like the precious little orchid in me, which I took care for sensitively just the days before, has been damaged to death…….

Wow, what a drama…..For those, who still hasn’t got it yet:

Yes, I’ve just eaten some delicious sausages, chicken wings and meatballs….dammit!

My little vegan heart needs a boost up…..and beforehand just some hours of sleep…….

Yeah, tomorrow is a new day, a new beginning….still……hey, what about sunday and god? Isn’t it the day he started his business? So, I guess he knows best what day to choose for startingĀ  something new, right….

Wow, what an insight!I just can’t wait to get some sleep…..


{May 23, 2009}   A new adventure

Today I had bananas for breakfast…

Today's breakfast

Today's breakfast

….bananas, two of them.

There is a bbq today and there will be plenty of meat. I remember its taste from my non-vegan days as rather delicious.



I must avoid it all. Oh the horrors of becoming a vegan. Wish me luck.

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